Find out about our



  • 12H Lunch

    Let's meet up in Annecy for our first lunch together!

  • 13h30 Trip

    We'll now take the road up to the châlet...

  • 15H House discovery

    Let's find out about the place and its amazing view!

  • 16H Annual debriefing

    Have you noticed how much Peasy grew up? 👶 It's time to take stock!

  • 18h30 Peasy Activity

    Let express your creativity! Please, don't be shy 😉

  • 19h30 Dinner

    Are you hungry? Great! I hope you like the Menu...

  • 21h Let's play a game

    And have a good time for the end of the day!


  • 10H Meeting

    Now that were all together, let's see our mission, vision and values.

  • 12H Lunch

    I'm hungry! How about you?

  • 14h Lake

    Time for a swim! I hope you brought your water clothing...

  • 17H Free time

    Relax, take a shower, or do whatever you want! It's saturday after all...

  • 18H30 Cocktail

    Cheers to the Peasy Team!

  • 20h Party

    It's party time babyyyyy 😎

SUNDAY 10/09

  • 9H Brunch prep

    If you're an early bird, you'll probably like to help preparing the brunch!

  • 10h30 Brunch

    With or without the hicking? Let's vote!

  • 14H Good bye

    But you can stay longer if you want!

Thank you so much for having been part of that very special weekend,

and for being part of the Peasy adventure.

It definitely wouldn’t be the same without you ❤️

Entre dans la liste d'attente pour la prochaine ouverture du Peasy Squad le 09 octobre.

Un programme avec tout ce dont tu as besoin pour parler anglais avec confiance en 25 semaines. Eligible au CPF.