Vocabulary Review #1

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Here are your first 10 vocabulary words for the B1 to C1 English level (intermediate to advanced). The instructions are in English because this is not beginner level vocabulary!  

What will you find in this post?

1) A review of the vocabulary using my Instagram page that you can find here. There are multiple slides for each Instagram post so don’t forget to scroll to the right!

2) A story that uses all of the vocabulary.

3) A quiz about the vocabulary in the story so you can check what you’ve learned!

My goal is to provide you with lots of opportunities to use the language, because that’s how you will learn the best! So use this opportunity to review the vocabulary, listen to and read the story, take the quiz, and comment with questions and example sentences.

Let’s get started with the review!


1: to be willing

2: likely

3: to be fed up

4: to figure out

5: to allow

6: to find out

7: to turn into

8: to be able to

9: morale

10: though

Activity: story

Now, listen to the story about Sally to hear the words in their context. You can also read the transcript to check your listening comprehension. Then, answer the questions to check what you’ve learned!

I’m physically able to do the laundry but I’m not willing to put in the effort. I’m fed up with doing it so often. Can you do it? You’re allowed to say no. It’s just that my morale is already low today and I don’t want to turn into a zombie. I need to figure out what to wear tomorrow though. Do I have clean socks? Hm… that’s not likely. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow.


Did you understand the story? Let’s find out…

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Tu as eu 100%? Oui? Dis-le moi ! Sinon, exerce-toi et fais tes propres phrases en utilisant les mots de vocabulaire dans les commentaires !

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