Vocabulary Review #2

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Here is your second set of 10 vocabulary words for the intermediate English level.

What will you find in this post?

1) A review of the vocabulary using my Instagram page that you can find here. There are multiple slides for each Instagram post so don’t forget to scroll to the right!

2) A story that uses all of the vocabulary.

3) A quiz about the vocabulary in the story so you can check what you’ve learned!

Let’s get started with the review!


1: to stand up for

2: to take stock

3: mindset

4: anyway

5: schedule

6: to set a goal/reach a goal

7: in time vs. on time

8: as long as

9: whereas

10: remember vs. remind

Activity: story

Now, listen to the story below to hear the words in their context. You can also read the transcript to check your listening comprehension. Then, answer the questions to check what you’ve learned!

I need to make some changes. I just had an interview in English and it went terribly. First of all, I thought I’d arrive in time to relax a bit before the interview, but my bus was late so I wasn’t on time at all. During the interview, I had a really negative mindset. Then, the person who was interviewing me actually insulted me, and I said nothing! I need to stand up for myself more. Phew! Bad memories. Anyway, I’d like to set a new goal for myself. I’d like to practice speaking English for at least 5 minutes every day, for 2 weeks. I need to remember that if I don’t practice, I won’t improve, whereas if I do practice, my spoken English will become much more natural. Maybe I won’t get a new job, but as long as I’m more confident in the next interview, I’ll be happy with myself. Let me write that down in my schedule. At least 5 minutes, every day, for 2 weeks…


Did you understand the story? Let’s find out…

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Did you get 100%? Did you learn some new vocabulary? Let me know in the comments!

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